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8 definitions by jonathan singh

Last name of author Franz Kafka. Generally used as a noun to describe "that which has qualities similar to Kafka's litterature". But seeing as how that's kinda tautological, try this. Picture yourself in a small, cramped space. Add women with silk skirts and pillows attached to your head. Then add your father, run away and run into your lawyer who's daughter is a nurse whom you make love with on the floor of a court room that has no walls and where everybody is watching you as you writhe in ecstacy. Then comes the weird part. You find out that you're about to be executed for commiting a crime, but there's no tribunal, no judge, no witnesses, you're just to be executed. But the executioners take so long that you just decide to comply with the law and slash your wrists while eating some schnitzel. You finnally pass away and nobody realizes you're dead until 25 years after, at which point nobody cares about you still.
"Dude, Jimmy just pulled a Kafka"
"I don't know Jimmy, but make love to me anyways"
"I can't I must run now!"
by Jonathan Singh August 18, 2004
A tasty microwaveable snack which contains fillings generally found in pizza. Marketed in Canada by Pillsbury, they come in an assortment of flavours that are guaranteed to suit your tastes. Yum
Canadian Pizza Pop: Peperoni, Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Pizza Sauce.

Cheesburger Pizza Pop: Ground Beef, Cheese, Pizza Sauce.

Peperoni Pizza Pop: Peperoni, Cheese, Pizza Sauce.

by Jonathan Singh August 21, 2004
Hentai is essentially animated pornography that often involves monsters and many, many penis tipped tentacles that magically extend from just about anything the animators want it to. Shoving random materials into various orrifices is also quite frequently seen.
Bible Black, Night Shift Nurses, Beast City.

by Jonathan Singh February 16, 2005
The action of sucking at the ultimate level.
His programming is tehsukc
by Jonathan Singh November 16, 2003
Originated on the keyboards of children with AD/HD, Strabge is Strange spelt wrong.
However, over time it has come to possess a Kafkaesque quality to it.

Dude, stop doing that; that's strabge.
by Jonathan Singh August 03, 2004
Kid who went to my high school who we decided to call bubbles in grade 6

you can catch me on the pimp page picture section...
why the fuck is bubbles on the pimp page???
by jonathan singh November 27, 2004