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from the french meaning jew, comes to mean a greeting used by gd friends, both semitic and other wise. normally used with the prefix ahh. if you are called juif do not b offended for it as it is a great honour.
"ahh juif" exclaimd jonah
"ahh juif" came the reply from lewis
"two hundred?" said phone dude
"not now" uttered jonah and lewis in unision
by jonah April 21, 2005
a game of skill, played with 2 corks (or corx). the corx are dropped horizontaly on a hard flat surface with the aim to stand them on end. 1 point is gained for landing small side up, 2 points for small side down. many variations exist but usually 2 people play to 21 points. the game incorages hand/eye coordination and improves your zen.
man, u up for sum corx
am i ever not up for corx
by jonah December 20, 2004
a word coined by phone dude, and over heard. he was heard saing two hundred in a shocked way. two hundred has come to mean an answer that cant be right.
"how big is your cock in inches?" enquired jonah
"two hundred" said phone dude
"two hundred?" said jonah
"whats 2 times a hundred? i got 77" said meaner
"two hundred" said phone dude
"two hundred? said meaner
by jonah April 20, 2005
from martyr - some one who dies for their relgion. in generally this takes a lot of effort, so martyred comes to mean bothered. ie i cant be marthyred - its not worth dying for so i wont do it.
"lets go to sans" said meaner
"i cant be martyred" said jonah
"two hundred?" said phone dude
by jonah April 20, 2005
1. something that is bollocks, ie must be untrue. originates from the surgery in crondall that all not from crondall were certain did not exist.
2. something that seems very untrue but is in fact true. originates from the surgery in crondall that all not from crondall were certain did not exist but later had to amit did exist.
Stovold: my mum grew an extra boob
Meaner: crondall surgery!!!
Meaner: oh sorry stov i dint realise she actuall had, that shit is crondall surgery
by jonah December 22, 2004
bite my bozo = bite my butt
by jonah October 23, 2003
stands for CrondalL, also CL CRU...its just a black place 2 b...nah wat i mean.
lets go 2 CL, ive herd its black
by jonah April 25, 2005

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