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100 definitions by john smith

Scud is a Soviet made ballistic missile which Iraq used alot against Iran and American forces.The missile was originally designed to carry a 100-kiloton nuclear warhead or a 2,000 pound conventional warhead, with ranges from 100 to 180 miles.
The scud can be intercepted by a Mobile SAM like the Patriot.
by John Smith February 14, 2004
Black Version of Wapanese
Furuhoshi Is Black (i.e Bapa)
by John Smith March 23, 2005
a place where large amounts of porn can be found.
an example is not necessary
by John Smith February 26, 2004
A spesific vampire with a soul.
My name is Angelus.
by John Smith August 17, 2003
Operation Desert Storm was when Iraq invaded Kuwait and Saddam called it:"The thirteenth province of Iraq". The U.S. Army drove back Saddam into his soil after 1991 (a few month's after the occupation). See also: Gulf War
George Bush senior launched it.
by John Smith February 15, 2004
Someone who is gay, in any sense of the word.
"Martin, you're 35% chitch!"
by John Smith December 07, 2003
a fat girl dressed in slutty clothes
Wow, she is a sea-donkey
by john smith December 04, 2003