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100 definitions by john smith

racial slur for Palestinian Arabs
those damn stone throwers are always botherin the israeli tanks ya know!!!
by John Smith November 24, 2003
13 7
Placing a clear plate over a partner's mouth, while the other sexual partner takes a dump on the plate.
"I walked in with a handful of videos and a pizza and found him clearplating my sister."
by John Smith April 29, 2003
8 2
Young, improving, rapper from North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Check out his site at www.plan-z.tk

Half Persian/ Half Chinese...
Man: I heard some guys were gonna throw eggs at PLan Z when he was performing at the youth group mini-concert.

Woman: Some people just don't know what real hip hop is. They must be jealous of Plan Z or something, you know, he's pretty talented.
by John Smith February 19, 2005
13 8
A man who is a decent person, and has supported many of the public interests in California. However, he has failed in the same place Grey Davis did. He has done nothing new to balance the budget. He merely took many loans, and somehow the intelligent californias are none-the-wiser.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: They are GIRLI MEN
by John Smith January 04, 2005
64 59
Towzzer is a extremely annoying american.
"Towzzer wouldn't stop licking me"
by John Smith August 12, 2004
9 4
Used to show lack of interest in the topic at hand
Person 1: So, do you like sponges?
person 2: Yeeus........
by John Smith July 31, 2004
7 2
Stinger is a US made mobile SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missile), which can be carried by military personnel in the battlefield.
They shot down the Mi-24 Hind-D with a single shot of stinger.
by John Smith February 11, 2004
76 71