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1.Noun: The point at which the tip of the penis enters the vagina.

2.Verb: The act of putting the tip of the penis into the vagina.

3. The promise you make during 3rd base.
i.e. " I'll only put the tip in."
" Stacey, baby,I don't think we are ready to have sex either, I just want to tip in, and then I'll pull away, that's all. Promise"
by John the Heeb January 01, 2009
The action of pulling back the cliteral hood and slapping or smaking the clitoris.
"Becky, while John was eating me out last night he give clitslap... I nearly hit the ceiling.. it weas awesome."
by John the Heeb December 05, 2008
(n) The ejaculant of a Russian male.
"Helene, I had sex with that Russian guy last night, OMG he got his spunknik all over my hair"

"Comerade, I just left a huge spunknik on Natashas ass"
by John the Heeb March 05, 2009
Achiving an erection on the basis of some geek related information or gadget.
Mike, you up for staying up all night to be the 1st in line for the new Star Trek movie?

Hell yeah, I have a massive Geekrection for that movie.
by John the Heeb December 05, 2008
(n) female testicles

(n) bravery worthy of a real man displayed by a woman

(adj) Ballsy
"Jeanna showed some real girlsticles by going skydiving"

"Linda, I don't want to go in there, Eric is with his new girlfriend."
"Stacey, grow some girlsticles and show him what he's missing"

"Damn, did you see the set of girlsticles on Candice, she just punched that dude"
by john the heeb May 02, 2009
A woman attractive only be the standars of the mostly male, mostly geek filled Information Technology sector.

A average looking woman who instantly becomes more attractive as she is one of the few women in a male dominated I.T. working environment.
"Dude, that chick is a 10" - Sam
"Take a look at this room bro, she's the only one who has boobs and doesn't program in Pearl... she's I.T. hot, but in the real world a 4 at most "- John
by John the Heeb February 04, 2012
(N) Purchasing gift(s) for some one with the expressed hope that they sleep with you.
John bought Stacey a pearl necklace as retail foreplay. It certainly paid off. She blew him before the gift wrap hit the floor.
by John the Heeb January 10, 2012
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