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1) a cellular telephone.
2) a roommate in prison or jail.
call me on your celly, man.
that fucker was the worst celly i ever had.
by john moritz August 24, 2003
kind bud, a.k.a. premium quality homegrown marijuana. generally sensemilla with exceptional taste and high. yummy!
those nugz are some of the best weed i've ever smoked, mang.
by john moritz August 24, 2003
so fucking 'toasted' that you're in a coma.
man, i'm comatoast since we roasted that bowl.
by john moritz August 30, 2003
1)one who either does not have a brain, or one who simply chooses not to use their brain. moreso, in particular, one who's neck tapers inward toward their cranial mass. i.e. one who's neck is much larger than their head, common among jockstraps or those that fail to practice common sense.
that dude is such a neckhead. i wish he would use his head once in a while.
by john moritz August 24, 2003
any of the variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms that contain psilocin, most commonly psilocybe cubensis or any psilocybes. shrooms a.k.a. magic mushrooms.
that fucktard ate way too many sillycybin shrooms again! he's gonna be comatoast!
by john moritz August 24, 2003
simply put, another way to say the word 'man'.
shit, mang. you fucked up my car, mang! i'm gonna kill you, mang!
by john moritz August 24, 2003
1) a 'jock', or any athletic overachiever.
2) a device that is worn by males to protect their genitalia while participating in athletic activities.
that jockstrap is such a fucking neckhead.
by john moritz August 24, 2003
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