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Slang for women's breasts.
Jennifer flashed her currency all over the bar
by joeyjoejo1200 September 26, 2011
Synonym for moose knuckle; The outline of a mans genitals through his trousers.
That cyclist just showed his Bryan Adams Knuckle to the whole world.
by joeyjoejo1200 May 13, 2010
When a man hugs a person with an erection.
Kim: So how was the party?
Suzanne: Fine, until Matt gave me a pants led hug.
by joeyjoejo1200 March 10, 2010
doing work for money, like freelance work.
I enjoy doing feelance work to having a permanent position at Dr. Pepper.
by joeyjoejo1200 July 08, 2009
To flash your fake boobs
Man ever since Jenn got her boob-job she has been falshing them all over campus.
by joeyjoejo1200 June 10, 2009

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