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very cool, crazy as shit,insanely awesome
Damn fool that shit was cracktastic
by joey lucisano October 10, 2004
the act of masturbating and literally tossing ones jizz into someones face, mouth, ass crack, or just about any other area.
1. skeet skeet toss in yo face ho
by joey lucisano October 10, 2004
jizz bagged is being slammed in the ass by bubba the 500 pound black man with the 20 inch wang. In about 15 minutes of this h-core rape your anus will be 5 inches wider and loaded with jizz. Therefore making your anus a jizz bag for a black man's penis
pazer got jizzed bagged by haggard in the back of the local 7-11
by joey lucisano October 14, 2004
pretty much tossing a load of jizz


can be used as a hand gesture for many occasions, takng your hand from the lower region bringing it up in like a fist giving a tossing wrist action then opeing your hand mostly into someones face. Mostly when greeting a hot chick.
hey ho (while tossing it in her face (using the gesture))
by joey lucisano October 10, 2004
in ridgefield conneticut a townie is a poor fat lazy ass redneck who only drives f 150s with plows on and doesnt actually plow because they dont want to fuck it up. Also they tend to do jobs way to overpriced because they rent useless equipment like cranes to to cut a tree down. And they tend to park their trucks out of country courneys the deli leaving the lights on and the engine running so they can show off their truck to the public.
Look at that townie.
by joey lucisano October 11, 2004
way to describe a hot bitch
Damn that bitch is blazin
by joey lucisano October 11, 2004
after you take a shit and the piss filled water splashed up on your ass and you just get up without wiping leaves a strange rash and a nasty smell and slimy substance that squishes between your ass crack when your walking
Oh man my anal butter is rank.
by joey lucisano October 20, 2004

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