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Excellent book series of the 90's, (written by R.L. Stine,) which spawned a terribly mediocre television series under the same name.
"Ugh, change the channel, that dumb "Goosebumps" is on. I'd much rather enjoy the high-quality books."
by Joel67 May 05, 2005
Television show created after the creators of the show were most definately tripping on acid and other illegal substances.
Writer #1: "Hey, that's some good shit, yo."

Writer #2: "Why yes, these are some high quality substances, fo real."

Writer #1: "I believe now would be an opportune occasion to invent the "Boobahs." What do you think?"

Writer #2: (Passes out.)
by Joel67 July 28, 2005
An epic novel from Charles Dickens.
When Oliver asked for some more gruel, the evil man smacked him upside the head with a ladle. What a bastard.
by Joel67 April 20, 2005
A totally sarcastic way of saying, "That's spectacular!"
A bird just pooped on my head and my jacket... Well this is simply fucktacular.
#fucktacular #sarcastic #funny #fuck #spectacular
by Joel67 December 11, 2005
Extremely popular children's show of the 90's.

Very frightening, with excellent acting.

Beats the shit out of Goosebumps any day.
Boy 1: I accidentally soiled my pants last night after a petrifying episode of AYAOTD.

Boy 2: Man, me too.
by Joel67 May 05, 2005
the best damn television commercial-ish series in the world.
Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson always told me, "Stay fit and have fun!"

#canada #fitness #exercise #bodybreak #fun
by Joel67 May 11, 2007
1. Something the popular cereal children's character Tony the Tiger would say to describe his cereal, Frosted Flakes, and all of its spinoffs, (i.e. Turboz.)

2. A very sarcastic remark after something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.
1. Tony: "Frosted Flakes, they're grrreat!"

2. Girl: Well, I think I can safely say that was the worst sex I've ever had.

Guy: Oh. Grrreat.
#awkward #sarcastic #great #funny #bad
by Joel67 December 11, 2005
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