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a waste of time and money, sorry ladies.
Guy 1: Yo theres nothin on watch the Liberty with me.

Guy 2: Actually i cant im goin to get a root canal.

Guy 1: Wait, ill come with you...what was i thinking.
by joebob56 March 25, 2005
lesbian capitol of the world. high school in nj where 1 out of every 1 girl is a lesbian, ud think this is sweet, but, they are hideous.
yo check that guy with the sjv football jacket...oh wait thats a chick!
by joebob56 March 21, 2005
A team whose fans actually root for them, instead of against another, see Red Sox. Even though the Yanks do spend money out the ass, its not our fault and were gonna follow our Yanks to another Championship on 05'.
Yankee Fan: Lets go Yankees!!!

Sox Fan: Fuck the Yankees!!! (notice there is no positive cheer for the sox...sad, i know.)
by joebob56 April 01, 2005
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