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a waste of time and money, sorry ladies.
Guy 1: Yo theres nothin on watch the Liberty with me.

Guy 2: Actually i cant im goin to get a root canal.

Guy 1: Wait, ill come with you...what was i thinking.
by joebob56 March 25, 2005
a.k.a. Beaver Ball.
Ultra fugly "women" trying to recreate the game of basketball.
Hey man, did you hit that second half total of that beaver ball game?
by gusser July 09, 2005
Sure it sucks, but it's the only basketball you can watch during the summer after the NBA Finals are over.
Oh wait a minute...screw WNBA, I can always go get that DVD I recorded of the Heat blowing out the Mavericks and watch it over and over again 50 times!
by D-Miles August 20, 2006
Women's National Baking Association
Did you watch the WNBA last night?
- No I don't watch baking
by 6541f June 04, 2010
A large, sweaty and extremely ugly girl. A feminized galoot (see definition of Galoot 2 and 3 in Urban DIctionary).
Man did you see that girl she was WNBA.
by RobMSweden August 31, 2005
Women's Basketball Association. This acronym, WNBA, can also be used as a dis towards somebody.
"Homey I'm willing to do two life sentences back to back
So please don't push me...
You niggas is WNBA, all pussy" - The Game
by CHYEAH! May 11, 2007
Broadcasted solely on Comedy Central for a 2 week span in Mid-March.
´Hey Man, do you have Comedy Central? We can watch the WNBA final!´
by Mbleezy May 22, 2013
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