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You ain't getting laid

--Props to Jimmy Feeney
YAGL Dude..Never... Jimmy stfu YAGL Either
by Joe_Dude March 10, 2005
Something Taken To Far To A Point To Where 1 or The Other Person Does Something Seriously Stupid

Guns are usally involved....
Seen a lot of times in gang violence.
I think we hit level 53..I just bought a Spas 12 guage, a Desert Eagle and an M82A1A....If someone gets hurt..I sure hope it's not me...
by Joe_Dude March 02, 2005
Scott B. Also Known As The Nintendork Of AIM And Sterling.

Biggest Nerd That's Actually Cool

Either That Or I Just Have no Other Friends

Whichever Comes First

I still love Hannah...Touche
Yo Bro, Wanna Chill Tonight?

Bah Fuck That Man, Im Chilling With Da Nintendork

Aight Man
Peace Out
by Joe_Dude January 29, 2005
As in Essay, The Mexican Fatass Down The Street That Came to My Kick Ass Party And Called Everyone Racist.
S A Is A Fucking Dumb Shit
by joe_dude March 27, 2005
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