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A nice way to say that you're doing many different things at the same time. And since no one can divide by 0, that means you're doing many different things half-assed.
Joe thought that he would multitask by doing his physics homework during his math class. His multitasking, however, got him a detention and a failed homework grade instead.
by Joe Sabs February 12, 2007
1. A popular convenience store chain that is usually open 24/7. An awesome place.

2. A woman who has her legs open 24/7 (i.e., she's a slut).

3. Used to sometimes make fun of cops, who use numbers to relate different situations.
1. Let's all meet up at Seven Eleven to get some food.

2. Dude, don't try to date her, she's a Seven Eleven.

3. "Ah, yes, recon, this is Officer Krupke, we have a Seven Eleven at Dunkin' Donuts, proceeding to confiscate their powdered bear claws, over."
by Joe Sabs February 02, 2007
Short for Profile Picture. Common slang on myspace, facebook, and other sites that have a main picture option.
Joe: Dude, your propic is the same as my propic!
Amanda: hahah I was just thinking of changing my propic...
Joe: Cool... Different propics make it easier to find people.
by Joe Sabs June 10, 2007
When a small object, action, or any otherwise normally unintimate thing causes an immediate, usually shocking response.
Ash showed Lauren a pic of her bf, and she had a sitting orgasm as soon as she saw him.

She walked by as he looked up from his studying, and immediately had a sitting orgasm.
by Joe Sabs February 26, 2007
Similar to a mall rat. WaRats are socially rejected kids (and sometimes adults) who loiter around Wawa's aisles, parking area, and do no good to anyone. They almost never buy anything, and when they do, it's from money they bummed or yoinked from fellow WaRats or actual consumers.
Dude, let's go around the other entrance, those WaRats are crowding around the front entrance. They look like Girl Scouts, only they aren't there for a good cause... or any cause for that matter.
by Joe Sabs February 25, 2007
A Bitch Session is where a bunch of friends gather and bitch about all the crap that should be elminated from the face of the Earth, i.e., Stupid people, events that sucked, wastes of time, etc. ad infinitum.
Whenever my friends and I get a break from rehearsal, we go into the back room and have a Bitch Session about all the shit that shouldn't go on during rehearsal, like the time available to have a Bitch Session.
by Joe Sabs March 04, 2007
A usually awkward or annoying kid who constantly hovers over or around a person or group of people, who are usually more popular.
Joe: Jenna, Hovercraft at 6 0'clock!
Jenna: Shit!
Mike: Hi guys, sup?
*inner groans*
by Joe Sabs March 03, 2007
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