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A word yelled in desperation of loseing something to kill your opponet (also known as TANG'D)
BUSSELL and you dead fo
by Joe momma June 03, 2004
stupid fucktard whose car and money are the ones that has friends, not him.

A fucktard
run man, here comes betanshit!
by joe momma June 07, 2004
a tall blond that sucks off a midget.
The wankalanka went to the fair and straigt to the freak show.
by Joe Momma November 05, 2003
First off this is my definition to make everyone happy. I personally prefer metal,rock or reggae. By the way I am black.

a. A form of musical poetry about how hard life is

b. rap= CRAP

c. A music that's fun to dance to and is played at parties.

d. Annoying ass music played at parties

e. What's ruining our generation

There you have it
50 cent is a popular rap artist
Biggie is a good rap artists
Eminem is a wigger
"Rap is Crap"
by JOE MOMMA May 07, 2005
1. When a man shits in a woman's vagina while blowina an ancient ram horn one of those horns that goes "wwwwwwwvvvvvvvhhhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbgttttt " now you may think this serves a purpose, but unfortunately this is completely unnecessary saran wrap can also be used to seal in the freshness

2. When a female bear shoves its shit up its pussy for warmth during hibernation
John: So how was your time with starla las t night?
Rick: Oh it was great i gave a her a shatty fatmas!
John: Ohh AWESOME!!
Rick: Yeah she went to Shoprite to pick up a 6 pack of douches

by Joe Momma April 24, 2005
the act of giving a blowjob while keeping your teeth togther and thrusting one's junk in between the side of the teeth and the cheek.
Otherwise known as an SGL
Dude_1:Hey man how was Stacy?
Dude_2: Yeah that chick was a a skank... she let me snoggle her right after condom sex...
by Joe Momma January 23, 2004
The gayest gundam so far. A show that is a detailed yet horribly boring gundam spin-off. Trys to be a soap opera way to hard even though it's fucking anime.
G Gundam is the only gundam show worth watching.
by JOE MOMMA April 19, 2005
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