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a lesbian. trodger = penis (british)
"that chicks hot"
"good luck man shes a trodger dodger"
"wanna put a $50 on it?"
by jnt May 31, 2006
A males who denounce everything that is masculine. They used to be in hiding but their infatuation with the homosexual culture has brought brought them out of the wood works.

They enjoy pampering themselves with woman/homosexual activities like manicures and pedicures and often have just as much hygiene equipment and products as a female and can spend just as much time getting ready as they do too.

Metrosexuals, like most women/homosexuals, hate ‘cheep’ beer and will opt. for a ‘bitch beer’ over a nice refreshing PBR (the greatest beer brewed by man), not that disliking the taste of beer is bad but they will further push the feminine envelope by engaging in conversation with females about how they cant stand the taste of beer and would much rather drink a mixed drink … etc.

Metrosexuals will never be caught dead in a cheep t-shirt, even in the gym they are sporting high end work out attire. A metrosexual give away is the excessive wearing of pink and them exclaiming “Men can wear pink”. Metrosexuals will spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and tend to buy only designer clothes and preach how much better they feel and that the $198 pair of jeans was ‘totally worth it’. They also own many pairs of shoes to go with their ‘outfits’ making sure every part of their attire matches to an exact t.

Metrosexuals believe that everyone envies their ‘awesome’ style but are actually ridiculed behind their backs by men and women alike, men for their lack on masculinity and by women because they dress better than them (turn off for women). They are also a huge disappointment to their fathers. Being a metro male is about a buck twenty-five away from being gay. Every dad wants their kid to be a masculine icon and metros just let their fathers down. He wont tell you that but deep down inside he wanted you to be the hall-of-famer QB that he aspired to be in his high school years.
"is your friend gay?"
"not quite... hes a metrosexual"
by jnt May 31, 2006

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