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the minimally satisfying culmination of a lackluster sexual encounter
Ok, this is going nowhere, and I have to work in the morning. Time to boregasm and get the hell out of here.
by jmusc February 04, 2010
making loud, orgasmic sounds while weightlifting
I couldn't stop laughing long enough to finish my set, the guy on the next machine was having dumbbell sex.
by jmusc February 04, 2010
unwanted conversation with the person at the next urinal
So I'm standing there taking a leak, minding my own business, and this guy next to me starts in with the hosechat. Talk about awkward.
by jmusc February 04, 2010
refers to a person talking so fast and seamlessly that you are unable to react to or comment on anything being said
I had some great advice to give, but I couldn't cut through the blitzkrieg chatter.
by jmusc February 04, 2010
the theory that anything can be made funnier simply by adding monkeys
We're going to run this add campaign completely on the simian theory. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys people!
by jmusc February 04, 2010

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