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noun - Description of a person that reminds you of a whole ass.
Why did you hack my computer?! You asswhole!
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
the act of being fooled, tricked.
often related with being led to the site www.goatse.cx
Jmechy: www.google.com@goatse.cx O Fishsticks o: i hope its not goatse O Fishsticks o: dammit O Fishsticks o: I swear to god im gonna kill you
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
to have been turned into a persons bitch, for a moment or eternity.
Fork got bitched when reb rammed him with that dildo, "Fist of Death"
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
Noun - An Aussie that enjoys Raping sheep and other small animals.
Verb - (to Fork) To rape a small animal
You should have seen the poor things eyes when Forkman fork'ed that poor little lamb.
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
slang - Fishsticks as a Nazi
Fishtler tossed the salad of those n00bs spamming and posting warez on the DPB forums
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
expression, sign of shock, anger, or wonder
Fish is a nazi?! h0!
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
hai! How are you? May i sleep with your sister?
Hejsan sir!
by Jmechy December 27, 2003
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