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A person who loves to Party Rock. Shufflin everyday is included in Party Rocking. MUST BE SEXY.
Guy 1: "Is party rock anthem playing?!?!"

Guy 2: " OMG go call Jovani!!"

jovani: "LET THE PARTY ROCK WOOOOOO"(while shufflin)
by Jmanpsu July 19, 2011
A phrase used after you clutched and did something great last minute.
"Both teams need one more point to win!!"
"Got'em we won...Clutchitize me captain!!"
by jmanpsu November 13, 2009
a catchphrase used when a person has done something really poorly. Usually refers to a sport.
Girl 1"wow I just bowled a 38...."

Guy 2"well...thats buns-o-matic!"
by jmanpsu April 17, 2010

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