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A person who loves to Party Rock. Shufflin everyday is included in Party Rocking. MUST BE SEXY.
Guy 1: "Is party rock anthem playing?!?!"

Guy 2: " OMG go call Jovani!!"

jovani: "LET THE PARTY ROCK WOOOOOO"(while shufflin)
by Jmanpsu July 19, 2011
A guy who gets all the bitches with his big dick. All the girls are on his dick.They like sucking it up and down.
1. Dude I wish I was a Jovani.

2. If I was a Jovani I would get all the bitches.
by Urbandefiner123 November 01, 2013
Typically a very annoying person that is a total know it all.
Also thinks he can win any argument and that his opinions only matter.
Guy 1: Hey guys I just got a Xbox!

Guy 2: I got a ps3 but thats cool!

Jovani: Actually a ps3 has higher resolution and more better games, you should do more research before you purchase a game ._.

Guy 1: ....

Guy 2: GTFO!
by Opisafag May 14, 2011