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Fastfood chain store.
Everything they serve has meat in it!
'Don't you serve french fries and a vegetable shake?'
'It all has meat!'

Yo Pigeon John, while you're there, get us a Turkey Shake, it's my favourite!
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
An eating machine. Will eat anything and everything, resulting in the copying of the eating habits of people close by.
Known to have some psychic ability. Is able to predict what people are going to have for dinner, allowing him to make a pre-emptive copycat meal.
WARNING: Often found stark naked apart from a strategically placed clock!
Hey Eberos, I was gonna have a meatshake tonight!

Eberos, I don't want you to show me the time on your cock clock!
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
To express extreme surprise
Is that Rowland eatin a salad? Godboy!
Godboy, Quade pulled!
by jimmy 5 May 07, 2004
Like a werewolf under a full moon, a person with Busi hands will change on a saturday night.
After 6 pintsa bitta they will lose control of there hands, which will crave the flesh of fit birds (sometimes blokes).
If you ever come across a person with this condition, keep your girlfriend away and make sure to keep her anus protected!
Sometimes linked with the jaws syndrome
Curse my Busi Hands!!

I just put me thumb up her bum, no harm done!
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
A poker genius who passes a resemblance to AJ Rimmer and is allergic to washing up.
His one fault is the incapability to grasp the concept of prime numbers.
AKA Primus
12.01am: 'There's someone at the door for Mahoney Bitch!'
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
The uncontrollable desire to bite peoples ears uppon hearing the theme music to the famous film.
Arrgh! Get him away! Busi's got the jaws syndrome!
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004
An extremely bad roulette player who releives his sorrows by knobbing his boss.
'Where's Pigeon John?'
'Working late, AGAIN!'
by jimmy 5 May 13, 2004

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