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A very bad taste in your mouth. Often described after a bad night of drinking.
I have the worst hangover, I feel like I've been licking the dog's asshole.
by jiminton December 26, 2005
Conservative Party member. Leaning farther and farther to the Right (Not Correct, just Right Side of the Road). Influenced heavily by the Tea Party and fear of anything and everything Not American, White Bread or Christian. All of those things are nice but there is a whole world of intelligence, art, culture and history to explore and learn from. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% against terrorism but I am not 100% everybody but us.
Dick Cheney, the Great Republican.
by jiminton August 19, 2012
A very agressive and active female sex partner. Particularly one who really bumps and grinds into her partner.
That sausage grinder bruised my pelvic bone.
by jiminton December 24, 2005
An experimental short film by award winning designer/director Jim Minton. Inspired by a Dadaist poem from the early 1900's. Surreal poetry made visible.
That surreal C-Flat movie blew my mind.
by jiminton May 23, 2007
Southern slang. None. A null set. Generally incorporated to complete a sentence defining being without.
You got rubbers?

No. Don't got ninnie.
by jiminton July 28, 2012
A respectful nickname presented to an always ready man by his lover.
Patricia exclaimed, "Bring me have that monster, Boner Boy"
by jiminton August 19, 2012
Toilet seat covers widely distributed in public restrooms to protect your skin from bacterial contact.
Please, only ONE Okie Tuxedo per customer.

Okie Tuxedos, ONE per customer PLEASE.
by jiminton December 24, 2005

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