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An 8-bit cat that has a strawberry pop tart as its body that flies around space shitting out rainbows.
Last night, I witnessed the sheer awesomeness that is nyan cat on YouTube for the first time. Never before has my mind shitted so many bricks before.
#8-bit #youtube #nyan cat #japan #pussy #rainbow #pop tart #pastry #nyan #cat #shit
by JimboWales May 09, 2011
Stylized as =3, this popular YouTube web show is hosted by Ray William Johnson, a guy living in NYC that looks like a midget raccoon with guido hair. Ray William Johnson hosts it and analyzes (usually making fun of) three viral web videos, and then concludes the show with a question from a usually random viewer (usually a hot chick), and then a montage of creative responses members of the "forum" (video viewers with YouTube accounts) replied to in response to the question presented in the previous video. So basically, it's like Tosh.0 but not as well-funded. It has grown to become one of YouTube's most subscribed shows, and has also spurred many different jokes. Some of these jokes include squaids, two camels in a tiny car, fake and gay among others. New videos usually pop up every Sunday and Wednesday nights, but sometimes there's exceptions.
Hey forum, welcome to another episode of Equals Three do you guys wanna see this fidgety-ass dog rave?
Man that dog is so crazy, maybe he has squaids?
Or maybe he's doing your mom?
I'm kidding, forum, I really liked the video but it turned out like over 9,000 views in the past six months no wonder it's so funny.....like your mom.
#ray william johnson #=3 #doin' your mom #squaids #squirrel aids
by JimboWales August 17, 2010
The chinese word for "scrotum".
I play with my friend's fushigi every time I hang out.
#foosheezy #fusheezy #balls #scrotum #asian #azn #jabooody #billy mays
by JimboWales October 03, 2010
When someone sends you a link to a video of Rebecca Black's "Friday" when you think it's something else. It's just like a rickroll, but a million times more annoying due to hearing a voice even autotune can't save.
Tim: "Dude, check out this trailer of the new Dark Knight sequel....Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is HOT!!!: youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0"

Josh: *Clicks link.* *Proceeds to get a blackroll.*

Tim: "XD"

Josh: "I can deal with rickrolls, because that song has always been class. But this shit just made my ears grow arms, get a pair of scissors, cut themselves off, and jump off a bridge. Thanks, asshole."
#blackroll #blackrolled #blackroll'd #rebecca black #friday #rickroll #fail #autotune #fat usher
by JimboWales March 22, 2011
Similar to your mom jokes, but making fun of how hipsters reject anything as soon as it becomes popular with the masses, or better said, mainstream.

Basically you call one thing mainstream and go on to praise another thing for some kind of (retarded or otherwise) reason.
Examples of ...is so mainstream jokes:

Lady Antebellum is so mainstream, I prefer Wilco because Seth Rogen mentioned them in Funny People.

Pokémon is so mainstream, I prefer Monster Rancher because it never got its well-deserved limelight.

Francis Ford Coppola is so mainstream, I prefer Stanley Kubrick because his films make you think with your brain instead of just see with your eyes.

Sea otters are so mainstream, I prefer river otters because they don't pollute the ocean with their trash and feces.
#joke #mainstream #hipster #indie kid #douchebag #poser #lulz
by JimboWales May 10, 2011
A famous children's TV show star, as well as the former lead singer of the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

Despite being more known for the former, Cookie Monster was the original lead singer of the famed death metal band before they got signed. The main reason why Cookie Monster was kicked out of Cannibal Corpse was due to his addiction of the said baked goods in his name. Cookie Monster was caught sucking the dick of his fellow cast member on Sesame Street, Ernie for a bag of Chips Ahoy. The rest of his band caught him in the act, and fired him subsequently.

Cookie Monster went through a downhill spiral, using all the money he made on TV (being now kicked out of Cannibal Corpse) to go to the local Mr. Fields and buy all their inventory. Cookie Monster lost the lease on his gorgeous condominium in Martha's Vineyard, divorced his wife (who at the time was the then-irresistible 90's babe Alicia Silverstone), and was reduced to munching on his "sweets" in the back of his beaten-up 1972 Chevy El Camino. But one day, in the summer of 2001, Cookie Monster admitted himself into a rehab center in Palo Alto, California.
There he spent a long six years recovering from his habits of munching, grinding, snorting, and shooting up forms of his favorite baked good. At that time, the producers of Sesame Street hired a stunt double to take over Cookie's role on the show, but the double wasn't popular as he (the stunt double) said he enjoyed veggies as much as cookies. The real Cookie, though, did finally make it out of rehab (even after several fights with the personnel there--once at which resorting to being drugged up by employees after smuggling cookies into his room).

At long last, on August 21, 2007, the Cookie Monster was released from rehab and he was a changed man--sort of. He still only eats cookies, but at least he admits to not sucking a dick for one. The stunt double on Sesame Street continues to take Cookie's place so there's no production conflicts while the real Cookie Monster has recently recorded a guest appearance on a thrash metal track aptly named "Cookie Monster" with the band XTT (look it up on YouTube) and has been doing session recording with other metal acts. Rumors have spread that Cookie Monster is also appearing on a duet with Serj Tankian (vocalist of alt-metal band System of a Down) on the latter's next solo album. Cookie Monster now lives a quiet life with his current girlfriend and famous British singer Estelle in their quaint apartment in Leeds, United Kingdom.
#cookie monster #sesame street #death metal #drugs #win
by JimboWales August 20, 2010
The feeling of being so swag that you simultaneously feel like shitting, cumming and vomiting all at once......which will then lead to a feeling of anti-swag because you ruined all of your swag with your shit, jizz and vomit.
Today, I woke up and tried on some swag kicks at Tom's Shoes after going to the local H&M and grabbing a fresh v-neck and skinny jeans. As soon as the kicks united with my new H&M threads, the swagasmic feeling overcame me and I felt at peace.

Then I realized I just shitted, came and upchucked all over my new clothes in a public place. #swag
#swag #swagasm #fail #lol #hipster #poser #clothes
by JimboWales January 03, 2012
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