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83 definitions by jimbob

To be 'on the horn', usually used when single to mean horny, and no-one but yourself to indulge with.
Oh man, I was on the horn last week... i had to jack off three times in one day.
by jimbob August 29, 2004
8 27
A vicious and solitary animal.
OMG, dont mess with rogue... hes greater than all
by JimBob March 19, 2003
16 35
either a) a variety of soft drinks found under the couch or b) a species of pickle that has been crossbred with a wild mountain shazwar.
1) the tits were found under the couch.
2) the tits garumphed over the candickery.
by Jimbob December 11, 2003
12 32
A big homo who is a straitedge loser who knocks people's beers out of their hands at rock shows.

Hey, Shaun Dean, I'm gonna beat your ass with an empty whiskey bottle you little bitch.
by JIMBOB January 20, 2004
17 39
describing a nuclear/explosive device when object does not detonate upon impact of Iraqi soil or Saddam's face
The nuke we sent over to Saddam's palace was a dud.
by Jimbob January 18, 2004
5 27
A slow moron. Is approximately 1 year and 2 weeks late in realisation of real time events. Is generally slow.
oi you are such a dipan, you should be shot
by JimBob December 25, 2003
11 39
a hose to wash ur ass after you take a shet. extremely soothing
i started to use my bidet after ever shit and i never felt any cleaner!
by jimbob February 16, 2003
37 66