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83 definitions by jimbob

Insult, generally aimed at people who can't get the picture (usually used by teachers towards their chav pupils)
Shut up! You're such an anus apple!
by Jimbob April 17, 2004
10 22
A ugly lookin skinny crack head from TOPSY! Cowboy Up, or put your pussy in the truck!!!
Austin Hollow Head
by Jimbob July 25, 2003
3 15
Late '90s slang (notably from Washington, DC).
1 - The act of theivery.
2 - To steal, often with force and fervor.
Did you hear about that white kid who got lost driving through Anacostia? Yeah, he got his car roughed when he stopped to ask for directions.
by jimbob July 22, 2004
33 46
a moose that looks like a) a wild mountain pickle or b) a evil mung pickle.
the pickleweasel garumphed over the shazwar
by Jimbob December 10, 2003
2 15
what makes the entire world go round.
I drink booze to make the entire world go round
by jimbob September 11, 2003
185 200
pretty much everyone at one time or another. Probably not the best outlook i could have on life but never the less the one i stand by. allows an insult to be given that confuses the aggressive shaved gorilla in your face long enough to scarper and hence avoid inevitable kickin'
that guy/girl on/in tv, radio, that store, that car (insert own topic/situation) is such a butt monkey!
by jimbob November 17, 2003
2 18
see townie or bridget jones apparently?
by jimbob September 07, 2003
9 27