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3 definitions by jillbobjoe

one who is dumb, stupid, and/or mental
He's not just stupid and dumb he is a shabalabadingdong.
by jillbobjoe June 11, 2011
The mouthwatering, delicious flavor when you mix cherry, and strawberry together.
For years people have drank cherry juice and strawberry juice. They never knew what sensational, tongue tingling, heart pounding flavor the two would make if combined. Recently they just discovered this amazing flavor and now is in the making. And they call it Chawberry!
by jillbobjoe May 13, 2011
means "God Damnit!" or "Holy crap!"
I was tired of the same old sayings like darn and gosh and boring stuff like that so i made up Foogi Papyus!
by jillbobjoe June 11, 2011