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one who is dumb, stupid, and/or mental
He's not just stupid and dumb he is a shabalabadingdong.
by jillbobjoe June 11, 2011
The words you use in place of another. In place of curse words, when you are tongue tied or can't remember the word you wanna use; these are all acceptable times to use shabalaba ding dong.
"OW shabalaba ding dong!!!! I slammed my finger in the car door"
by FrannieG November 30, 2011
The man's special spot often referred to as the baby-maker.
I axidently hit Raunel and Kenney in there Shaba Laba Ding-Dong and they were screaming bloddy murder.
by Stephanie-Jeanne February 03, 2007
your mother, usually unnatractive, makes me use my tears as lubricant :DD
I really wana hit your shabalabadingdong while i kiss your sister
by dushon November 03, 2007
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