10 definitions by jigga

Description for a Person with a small dick and a fucking hairdo. Shortly its another meaning for gay.

Shut up Tingel-Tangel or
Shut up Tingel

fudge your hairs Tingel-Tangel or
fudge your hairs Tingel
by Jigga May 01, 2003
An utterly unsatisfactory event that has happened in school or in any other pubnlic setting: Originates from the spanish verb "cagar" meaning to take a a long and refreshing crap.
Damn pimp, that test is gonna screw my average the F**k up! What a cag!!
by Jigga February 24, 2005
A Cuba Gooding Jr. is defined as a glass bottom boat with a glass bowl instead of a glass table.
I had the prostitiute give me a Cuba Gooding Jr. after a nice chiati.
by jigga July 15, 2004

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