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one of the best x pills out there.
man i jus rolled 12 hours off that fire blue dolphin
by jig January 02, 2005
People that lurk around as though as they are inside the ass.
That Buttlurker over there is staring at me
by Jig January 08, 2004
A psycho fish that everyone is so jealous of they wanted to eat him. But then he died.
I am sphenops and I eat everything.
by Jig January 08, 2004
not showing effort, completed with ease.
Litmer is one casual swagman
by jig April 27, 2003
Emotional sort of being who likes to listen to Emo while drinking his koolaid. I mean blood.
I want to suck your bloood!
by Jig January 08, 2004

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