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1) An emoticon, with ones eyes crossed and tongue sticking out. Obviously this means "retarded."
2) The most recent edition of the Windows OS, recognizable by the GUI that looks like it was made by Playskool, and the code that was probably written by same. The OS was named for said emoticon.
3) Short for Experience in many RPGS. Variant of EXP.
"Delete XP and install Slackware, dipshit."
"You need 100 XP for a level."
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
A person with much more power than you and who is bitter enough to use it in ways that please him/her.
So, you say this is a pretty important file? *delete*
by JiaXue October 31, 2003
The deepest and most unique band you will ever hear.
Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate one second before awakening
by JiaXue November 23, 2003
v: To rock, or be otherwise good.
v: To defeat, usually in an online FPS.
v: An exclamation of happiness.
(alt. r0xx0r)
"I will roxxor j00!"
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
Idiot little pre-teens that think Denial-of-Service attacks are the same as "hacking."
Guy1: Hey, is someone trying to screw with our server?
Guy2: Don't worry, it's just some h4x0r kids from geocities.
by JiaXue December 22, 2003
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