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Watch out!!1 Tehy aer teh un-1337 Lunix usars taht will stoel yuor megahurtz!!
h4x0r5 0n teh yu0r pC?
by dj gs68 July 17, 2003
Idiot little pre-teens that think Denial-of-Service attacks are the same as "hacking."
Guy1: Hey, is someone trying to screw with our server?
Guy2: Don't worry, it's just some h4x0r kids from geocities.
by JiaXue December 22, 2003
the masters of all l33t3rz
T3h |_|1+r4-l33t3rz 4nd +h05e \'\'|-|0 kn0 t3h \'\'0rkz
by Gil December 20, 2003
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