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23 definitions by jh

a foolish, nerdy person who tries too hard.
what a doik
by jh January 13, 2004
4 16
When a person's fat stomach is revealed to the world.
by JH March 12, 2003
17 30
Used twoard some one who moves relativly fast in relation to speach, movement, and generally life.
John never has a moment to stop and think.
John pushes and pushes blindedly to get what he wants.
John franticly thinks life is wasting away.
John needs to slow his rolls.
by JH January 24, 2005
2 16
means you got jacked....someone stole something from you
" you just jenked my fries!"
by jh February 03, 2004
13 28
1. n. Will Diebolt
2. n. Will Diebolt
3. n. Will Diebolt
Hello excentric, how are you today?
by JH March 06, 2004
8 29
Nickname of Los Angeles Kings forward Ian Laperriere. Can refer to anyone who likes to fight, talk shit, push people around, or has a horribly disfigured broken nose.
by JH March 14, 2003
17 48
Anything that is lo-class, or cheap. An item of little importance or relevance. Slang for any common pastry as used by those of little intelligence
I hate when our cheap company has quarterly receptions, all they serve are those damn scones. Take this scone and shove it fatty.
by JH March 12, 2003
12 53