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3 definitions by jgml2

Sick Brazilian death metal band.
Krisiun has a album out called "Bloodshed".
by jgml2 July 01, 2006
American Eagle (AE) shopping kids who think they're hippies, hence hippAEs.
Great, here comes another bunch of hippaes with their "live your life" bags.
by jgml2 April 08, 2007
Pronounced "mooch and walk", when you are walking somewheres wth someone and they hold you up constantly because of their mooching. Can be used as a verb or noun.
As a verb: Will stop moochnwalking, we've taken almost two hours to get to a store thats usually five minutes away!

As a noun: Bill is such a moochnwalk; that's why I never go to lunch with him.
by jgml2 June 11, 2007