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6 definitions by jessec63

Someone who acts like there going to give you head,but lights your dick on fire.
I have no pubs... cause my girlfriend is a cock blazer.
by jessec63 January 17, 2008
someone who uses no anal lube while in search for anus. Monkeys often do this
dalton is a no lubing anal monkey.
by jessec63 January 13, 2008
A word that doesn't mean anything,noobs use it
Arthur uses the word liver muffin all the time...He must be a really big noob
by jessec63 January 19, 2008
Laughing in the bath tub,

who does that?
out with "lol" in with "LITBT"
by jessec63 January 13, 2008
A device you put over your anus to stop horny queers from inserting there penis in your ass.
Thanks to cock block dalton's anus is cock free.
by jessec63 January 13, 2008
Laghing in the bath tub,

"who does that"
dont use "lol" use LITbt"!
by jessec63 January 14, 2008