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3 definitions by jessbristol

are they not, arent they, they are..... used by bristolian people ...
barry: hey sandra how bist?
Sandra: alright my lover all good thanks, have you checked out me new boob job mind?
barry: proper lovely they are sand..
Sandra: ginormous innum!
by jessbristol January 12, 2012
13 0
A bristolian term from the people of Bristol. For when they get off of a bus and thank the driver kindly.
Stacy: ring (bus bell)
Bus Driver: have a nice day
Stacy: Cheers drive!
by jessbristol January 12, 2012
11 0
A mate, friend, pal, chum..... Used by Bristolian people to decribe a proper good mate.
Darren: oi tom come over yer!!......
Tom: Alright mukker, long tim no see!
by jessbristol January 12, 2012
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