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4 definitions by jeremy415

This is the overly compulsive activity of re-organizing all of ones things. Before and after cleaning you have the exact same amount of shit but now the shit has been moved around, alphebetized, or arranged in a more orderly and appealing fashion.
"My co-worker couldn't concentrate after her third energy drink so she tried to organize the front counter and then the supply closet. It took her 3 hours but all she done was reshituate all the same shit. I mean, all the same shit was still there, but now it was cleaner and neater shit. I don't get it."


"Honey, ummmmm I thought you were gonna clean out the garage but instead all you did is just reshituate your junk. You are such a lame excuse for husband."
by jeremy415 November 10, 2007
Expression used to express surprise or wonder. It can be used generally or specifically with regards to some hoes.
What the ho were you thinking when you told your customer to go f--- himself?!!


What the ho is she wearing?!! She looks like a slut!
by jeremy415 October 22, 2007
Phrase used to exagerrate when trying to express that your experience of something predates another person's experience. The expression can be used in place of "before your were born".
Girl, you are crazy I invented the term toolbox back in the womb.
by jeremy415 October 22, 2007
a total feng shui fail
This is feng shit!! We just spent $50,000 upgrading the "environment" of the office and I face directly into the corner.
by jeremy415 June 02, 2010