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10 definitions by jeni

the bestest friend sum 1 could ever have

hunny your a star
fran is to kwl for wrds

wot would i do without fran
by jeni March 18, 2004
348 159
to love someone or something....mainly someone
*lobes muchness*
i lobe you lots
by jENi January 16, 2005
111 34
1 kickass Punk rock band with some of the best songs ever (lemonade and Take the reigns)

remeber all those time u gave me shit and i made lemonade outta it
by Jeni November 05, 2003
48 15
a prehistoric pedofile
barney the big purple dinosaur
by jeni December 06, 2004
8 4
One who is garfing, i.e. eating like a pregnant lady.
How is my little garf-nut?
by Jeni February 18, 2005
4 2
a gr8 guy and a brilliant friend, hunny your a fukkin gem
you drive like an idiot sum times but you kno i luv ya really
by jeni March 18, 2004
2 2
a drink served at bars that has lemonade,alchohol, and mayonaise
"hey, order me up for a pasquenade!"
by Jeni March 19, 2004
0 1