2 definitions by jefficient

Slang for the sexually transmitted disease Syphilis. Named ironically.

'The cuteness' is/was a phrase often used when describing things of incredibly, unbearably cute nature.
Yo Ray, the next time you bring a girl back to your place, make sure to use protection. You don't wanna get the cuteness.
by jefficient January 27, 2013
Slang for "taking a dump". Coined by the nefarious Jeff, when his friend Sam mentioned on gchat that he was going to be afk while he started "unboxing the couch". However, mid unboxing, Sam needed to release his bowels.

Since pooping could be seen metaphorically as "unboxing the couch", the term then became synonymous with pooping.
Dude, that curry did a number on me. Excuse me while I go unbox the couch.
by jefficient August 10, 2013

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