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Meditating while poised upon the most holy of all thrones; the toilet. Seeking insight and enlightenment through defecation. The use of the great white throne to become at peace with the universe and to pinch a loaf.
(n.) I have gained much insight and relief after my excremeditaton. I also feel much lighter.

(v.) I am going to the bathroom to excremeditate.
by Jebus December 31, 2004
Fabulous something worthy of fuck
that was fucktacious
by Jebus December 10, 2002
a sexual reference used by gay men when having sex
"eewww ,im gonna give it to you like the Gaytona 500...fast and rough!"
by jebus January 15, 2004
a boy who is 50% bat, and 50% boy as described by Weekly World News.
Bot boy, 50% bat, 100% amazing
by Jebus January 04, 2005
a beer
you put it in a glass and drink it
by Jebus September 27, 2003
1) To walk/look about or through something without a point
2) To move or act slowly or aimlessly
3) To poke several girls in one day/night/party or look around for some girls to poke right away
4) To see what other people are up to because you have nothing else to do and want to do anything
1) Poking Around a pile of stuff
2) I just was poking around the house and did fuck all
3) Man I was poking around with three of those chick at the party last night
4) I was just poking around to see what the fuck you were up to
by JeBus February 16, 2004
1) A remark of sarcaism/witty expression as to make a joke about the other person/object. ie poke fun at someone - RIDICULE, MOCK
2) A act of having sexual intercourse/relations with another person or persons for fun ( comes from poke and poking )
3) The act of stabbing someone with an object and finding pleasure in it ( comes from poke )
4) The act of stricking/touching a person without much force usually very quickly especially repeatedly and with cause not pain to the person while both poeple find it funny ie a form of flirting ( comes from poking )
1) Hey man I was only poking some fun at you no offence.
2) I was poking fun with this girl last night. ie. something that 4) leads up to.
3) Man I love poking fun at people with my blade, I get Off on it.
4) man last night me and this girl was poking fun at eachother and then there was some more poking fun ;)
by JeBus February 16, 2004
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