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A Bronco Trolley is Homestar Runner's favorite after school snack. It is made by spreading peanut butter on a Triscuit and topping it with a slice of orange. The rhind stays on the slice of orange.
Homestar likes Bronco Trolley's almost as much as he likes Fluffy Puff Marshmellows; they go great with 32 glasses of marmalade.
by jdallman September 08, 2003
Comic book hero version of Strongbad. Full title reads "The Total Adventures of Strong Badman". Strong Badman fights evil with his sidekick, L'il Stiny.
"Stiny, get me a danish!" said Strong Badman
by jdallman September 07, 2003
Passage in the Book of Holy Burnination which reads thusly: "And Trogdor, the burninator laid fire upon ye unsuspecting peasants. Trogdor saw the burnination, and all was good."
Dude, we need to twelve three some holy herb.
by jdallman September 07, 2003
(noun) A japanese ice cream confection in the 80's brought to life on the internet, creator of Trogdor the Burninater, the band limozeen, teen girl squad, and others. Good friend of the cheat.
If Strongbad were president, the White House would relocate to Strongbadia, and the CIA would be renamed to CMYBUTT.
by jdallman August 17, 2003
(noun) A vessel of chief importance, especially for a key purpose.

"Red five" was Luke Skywalker's vehicle during the final Death Star scene in Star Wars.

"Hey baby, my red five's parked out back, if you want to take a ride."

"Vegetables are the red five for delivering valuable enzyemes and essential nutrients into your body."


"Red Five standing by."

"This is Red Five. I'm going in!"
by jdallman August 17, 2003

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