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The ruthless and shady bounty hunter in the original Star Wars Trilogy. He is best known for his pursuit and capture of the well-known smuggler Han Solo. Although it appears that Boba comes to an unfortunate death in the film, Return of the Jedi, Expanded Universe books and comics have revived him. The actor Jeremy Bulloch played both Boba Fett and an Imperial Officer in the series.
Random bounty: "You don't talk much."

Boba Fett: "You talk enough for the both of us."
by JD January 27, 2004
Kickass offroad vehicle, far to often driven by people that dont use it for what it was made for.
Person that doesnt deserve one -- My Rova truck has 22s.

True Owner -- My Rover made it through 30 inches of water and 10 inch deep mud pulling a Jeep out
by jD April 16, 2005
A hot chick who eludes to or is interested in sex with multiple partners, an orgy. A young female who's appearance and/ or behaviour lends itself to an orgy. Someone who looks beautiful but is nonetheless a slut, or who you wished was a slut.
Man, that chick that served me at McDonalds was an absolute ganger!
by JD March 28, 2005
To absolutely destroy or take advantage of.
Those dumb villagers got raped by the insurance salesman.
by JD January 23, 2003
the juggalo rydas BITCH
Every moutha fucko who reps the hachetman
by JD April 17, 2005
"tossin the salad while yankin the tubesteak smothered in underwear. unless there is some wanted or unwanted gas. then it's reffered to as a rusty gillespie."
In addition to the above statement, there is also the secondary humor involved with the muffled low end sound that would actually come out of a rusty trombine.
sheryl found that the old rusty trombone could play a perfect b flat
by jd March 31, 2004
The cool. Anything totaly amazing.
That chick last night was so frickin jagger... Did u see her ass?

My friend can do the most jagger moves on a skatebored.
by JD February 26, 2005

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