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When you sit on the toilet, pooping while watching porn on your computer, Talking with people like nothing has changed.
*on aim*

"dude, wanna come over?"

"oh i can't i'm taking a cyber dump"


"I can still talk though. So how about them Broncos?"
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
The high holy of students/players/pimps, who have or are attending a gifted and talented school.
"Haha, the chinkmaster is such a stud. Look at him smooth talk the ladys and spread rummors. It's too bad he can't hold a chew though"
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
A smiple yet, one of the steezyest tricks that one can do while shreding on a snowboard, where you grab the edge of your snowboard nearest thine ass
with both hands.

Made popular by Gustache and JoeybNukkas

"Look Shawn White is doing a 1080!"

"Is he doing a double roastbeef while spining?"


"Then I have nothing to look at."
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
To steal another persons idea and/or word.

Hey dude, this sticker is steezy

*dome slap*, you shoplifted my word, you pirate
by jbn/gstache duo May 03, 2007
While beating it, you are also taking a dump. Commonly the backhand masteurbation technique is used with the Double Whammy

Therefore the sensation of pooping and cumming is amazing.
"sweet baby jesus, i pulled a double whammy last night, that shit was off the chain."
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
San Diaaago; A whales vagina, deffiently not Saint Diego despite common belief.
I'm going to San Diego this weekend.

You nasty son of a gun

by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
Gods gift to the devil, the worst punishment Earth can provide.
Judge-You killed 72 people, i sentence you to 45 years of pure noogies.

Criminal-NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please give me death.
by jbn/gstache duo May 03, 2007
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