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police station
man! they want me to go to the piggery to confess
by jayme March 18, 2004
Saying something in complete seriousness.
Like fursurious, i'm not even joking! Chi Chi was totally fursurious when she said she ate poop.
by Jayme April 17, 2003
the most gayest kid i know that has a gay car and want to make it more gayer. aka dumb fuck
dustin kromarek is a inbreed sheep fucker
by jayme March 06, 2005
H.I.T. stands for "hoes in training" It was invented well, whenever hoes where.
A H.I.T. would be a Christina Agularia fan, but please don't think that a hoe is a garden rake..otherwise you may be in a 3 hour Home Depot class saying "Jayme is a fucking asshole."
by Jayme May 09, 2004
a bird
a phesant is a bird
by jayme October 10, 2003
the most dumbest kid alive
addison is a fuckin dumb ass
by jayme March 06, 2005
Lame and or cheesy, in a stinky sort of way.
Un! This place is so stale!
by Jayme April 17, 2003
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