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Term for a slick-ass guy that is the embodiment of all that is good and awesome.
I know that guy from Germantown, he's Jay AllDay! I would definitely give him some booty.
#tough #sexy #germantown #jay #booty
by jay-is-a-dog March 15, 2011
Sounds like "Jawn" but more relaxed and slangdified in Philly.

1. Synonym for "thing," but sounds a lot cooler. (A little old, used more by people in their mid-30's and in 1997)

2. Sometimes used instead of "girl" or "bitch," usually with slight disrespect.
1. Yo- you see that jauxn over there?

2. I was at the club last night and grindin' on this jauxn.
#girl #thing #happy #slang #philly #club #jawn #jaun
by jay-is-a-dog March 15, 2011
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