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The best.
Wow, that son of a gun is the Frost!
by java November 12, 2003
1.) A word commonly associated with neopets. It is short for 'restock' and used often when one is restocking in a team. When 're' is announced, the others of the convers are provoked to shut up to prevent lags.
Shhhh, its re!
by Java February 15, 2003
A name that will forever serve as a memorandum among Ethel, Walter and MQ
Oooo, I am walter, a foolish 79-year old wanna-be sea captain... I want my Aye!
by Java February 15, 2003
Dreaded and feared by all, this monster-byatch does not deserve to live.
I'm gonna murder the sf!
by Java February 15, 2003
Hostile: Gasoline

Hostility: Gasolinism


0-25%: Premium (A little hostile)

25-50%: Midgrade (Somewhat hostile)

50-75%: Regular (Pretty hostile)

75-100%: Leaded (SERIOUSLY hostile! You don't want Leaded!)

100-up%: JET FUEL! (Aahh, I'm not even gonna go there!)
Diesel powered vehicles are more friendly than Gasoline-powered ones, so that's why someone is "diesel" when they're friendly, yet "gasoline" when they're hostile. Here's why:

Diesel vehicles are known to be better in general than Gasoline-powered ones. They have:

-Longer-lasting engines

-Higher fuel mileage

-Better exhaust scent

-Pleasant sound

-Greater towing capacity

-Greater torque

Whereas Gasoline-powered vehicles:

-Guzzle more fuel

-Emit unpleasant exhaust fumes
...And you get the idea.

Did I also mention that Diesel Fuel costs less to make than Gasoline?
by Java September 07, 2004

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