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Flipduck - lipd = (Well, WHAT DO YOU THINK???)

Hint: One definition of the answer word means "to copulate"
Get the flipduck outta here, you C-less Castle!

Oh, flipduck! He's coming! Step on it!!

For flipduck's sake! Do you realize how Gasoline that was of you to say that?!
by Java October 08, 2004
Just say "Castle" without the "C". What word does it sound like??

It describes a person that's being jet fuel towards someone.

See 455h013.
Last year, some of the guys down on A-Wing were real C-Less Castles! I'm glad some of them moved out.

For those of you that do not know, it was the 4th Floor A-Wing at Marlatt Hall, in Kansas State University.
by Java September 07, 2004
Another Non-Offensive swear:

"C-less Castle"

If you say "Castle" without the "C", although the spelling would be "Astle", when you pronounce it out loud, the phoenetics would make it sound like you're saying (the obscene 7-letter "A" word).
"You know what you are? You're a C-less Castle."

"What's that?"

"Say 'Castle' without the 'C'"

"Umm, 'Astle'?"

by Java July 16, 2004
Beyond and better than Diesel. If someone's Fuel Cell towards you, they like you more than a friend.

See Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
Whoa, you're big pimpin', Enrique! Those girls are definitely being fuel cell towards you. If I used your tactics without practice, they'd turn gasoline in a matter of seconds!
by Java September 07, 2004
What you find a LOT of in a Military base.

Our soldiers may win in combat but lose in street racing as much as the Iraqi Insurgents do when they're in combat.
See Ricerland.

Everywhere you look in a Military base, you see Ricers.
by Java October 16, 2004
1.) A term used by gods to humiliate one, or make one feel inferior to you.
2.) A word at random, just to fill in a blank space in a sentance or to shut some1 up.
Roy is a poohead when he disobeys god!
*mumble mumble* POOHEAD! *mumble*
by Java February 15, 2003
Slang/metaphor to signify friendship and levels thereof.

Diesel: Friendly
Dieselness or Dieselhood: Friendliness


0-33%: American Diesel- Below 50 Cetane (New Friend - Regular Friend)

33-66%: European Diesel- Above 50 Cetane (Regular Friend - Good Friend)

66-100%: Biodiesel- Cetane Unknown but helpful to the environment. (Good Friend - Best Friend)

100% & up: Fuel Cell (like those prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In other words, if the Opposite Sex is Fuel Cell towards you, they like you more than a friend.)

Fuel Cell is Heterosexual only. Homosexual love is so different it requires its own fuel! See Solar Power.

- Never, EVER spray Diesel Fuel on a person acting gasoline towards you!

- Even though it sounds like a quick & easy fix to a friendship, it will NOT work!

- In fact, their gasolinism will worsen, or worse- their stance towards you may sink to the abyss of being Jet Fuel!!

- This is only a slang/metaphor/analogy so please keep this in mind!)

Example 1: Hey Dane, why aren't you being Diesel tonight? Oh, DGray is possessing you again?? Dane, I know you're in there somewhere, so fight him out of your body!

Example 2: So Josh, how Diesel is your girlfriend?

Josh: She's more than that; She's pretty Fuel Cell, man!

Example 3: The most important part is- you survived. That's the most diesel thing you can ever do for us.

Example 4: That guy is acting a little TOO diesel towards you! Do you think he's showing a little... ...solarity?

Example 5: While I was on the phone at a gas station, when I saw a diesel truck pass, they increased my credit limit to $750.

However, I was at this gas station that didn't serve any diesel, so when I got done refueling, I saw a car rear-end another, which is a pretty gasoline thing to happen!
by Java February 08, 2005

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