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pikeys are irish gipsies that like to steal, fight and do other mainly illegal things... they speak a completly different language and always smell ! they ae bloody hard and should be steered clear of !
no i dont want my fuckin drive tarmaced thanks all the same !
by james February 14, 2004
the act of putting a bit or chunk of feces in one's mouth, and then swallowing.
I am eating a piece of shit.
by James July 25, 2003
Don't forget that Phenolphthalein is also used as a laxative. If ingested, even in the concentrations generally found in a high-school or college-level chemistry class, it can actually cause great damage to the gastrointestinal systems of humans and other animals (dogs, etc.) Many think this is funny, but it is actually quite dagnerous.
Class was mysteriously and rapidly cancelled halfway through the lecture after John put a few drops of the phenolphthalein indicator solution in Professor Smith's coffee cup. If WE are not allowed to drink in the chem lab, why should HE?!
by James December 03, 2004
Song from the final battle of Final Fantasy VI. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
Dancing Mad sounds similar to Emerson Lake and Palmer's Tarkus.
by James August 22, 2004
1) Another name for a marijuana joint. When its conntents are purely cannabis (without any tobacco to pad it out)
Do ya want a zute?

Other variations exist with a higher proportion of slang used. Often the offer of, or attempted procurement of a 'zute' will be reduced to just "Zute?" between friends
by James March 23, 2005
A prison term used to tell your cell mate to Fuck Off.
Hey Fuck Stick, Go Eat A Bowl Full Of Dicks.
by James November 09, 2004
To get rejected, usually from a graduate school.
"Man, I got dinged yesterday. The decision letter came in a small and thin envelope."
by james December 13, 2003
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