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The Name given to your average shy and timid person after they have consumed several alcoholic beverages, and the ensuing carnage that follows shortly for the rest of the night out.
Guy 1: Hey dangerous Dave! Hows it going?

Guy 2: What? that's not my name.

Guy 1: Oh sorry I forgot your sober now.
by Dangerous Daved July 03, 2011
a persons who acts as if he is the smartest person in the world and treats other people like shit. also who invites themself to your house when you dont even like them.
Dave is acting like a dangerous dave with his big mole.
by Bob March 15, 2005
A person that is the best at everything. Even activities that he hasn't heard, contemplated, or dreamed about.
"Oi Dave, who's the best at base jumping?"
"Dangerous Dave"
"Oi Dave, who's the best tsunami wave surfer?"
"Dangerous Dave"
by duckfucksuck February 14, 2009
Dangerous-dave is a ghetto celebrity, admired and feared for his astounding ability to manipulate the world around him for his own benefit. He is feared on his streets of Croydon particually for his care free "fuck the world" attitude. Bitches and hoes admire him becouse of his large black spear. Gangstas are quite simply scared out there wits by this caracter, hes known to have killed atleast 15 niggas and apperently he attempted to kill the infamous "Rav0r".
Dangerous-dave; prime suspect in saturday nights kfc robbery and later that night a black spear attack on a 16 year old blonde Croydon slut.
by james May 28, 2003

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