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Gothic is the language of the Goth (Germanic) tribes of early Europe. The were first almost annihilated but the Huns, then became slaves of the Romans. They then derstroyed the Roman armies and attacked Rome, but did not take control over it. They then moved into parts of Spain, France, adn Germany, where they were known as Visigoths. They were the keepers or Rome's enteral flame. Without them, Roman art would have been long lost.

Gothic is not the lifestyle of those who were picked last for games in school and sit around home all day writing lame poetry. You know what you call those people? People who faced adversity, but instead of standing up to it, fell down adn let it go to their heads. So if you are a "goth" and am reading this: take off that god awful make-up, stop shopping at Hot Topic, and live a normal life.
God I hate "goth" kids soooo much.
by James January 28, 2004
insult dealing with someone's homsexualatity
"lick my balls homo!"
by james June 07, 2004
A girl that only puts out to guys that drive nice cars.
He got some with the hoodrat because he has a sports car.
by James March 23, 2003
Is used to describe a person or object that represents low demeanor or value. It can also be used to describe an unidentifyable object.
Goddamn that guy drives a Lunk car;
What the hell are you eating!? it looks like a Lunk or something!
by james August 11, 2004
Posh Mans Wank.
A wank with a condom on
He couldn't be arsed to clean up after him so he wore a condom
by James March 10, 2003
Sum really really good weed.
Say dawg u got that good up in yo hood we call it Mid-Grade
by James March 26, 2005
sucks.....just sucks, that's all there is to it. The Transplants suck.
Wow, I really wish the Transplants would realize thy are a bunch of talentless jack-asses and go home.
by James February 02, 2004

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