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Oral pleasuring of the female vagina in an attempt to make her cum. Also called Carpet Munching, Dining at the Y, or Enjoying a Tuna Taco.
Dr. Phil said to Oprah," I can't better your life through cunnilingus".
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
The greatest zombie movie of all time.
I rented dawn of the dead for the hell of it.
by James Bourne September 10, 2003
usually ends with the words "in shit"
I dont have time to deal with you assholes, cause I'm knee deep in shit!
by James Bourne November 02, 2003
A niftyier way of saying cool, that is the shit, or this is wonderful. It is also used to say that someone or something is really clever or intelligent.
the guys at holybullshit.com are the cats ass.
by James Bourne February 20, 2004
A living thing, usually a person, who is unable to perish/die. This, however, doesn't mean said person or thing cannot be injured (see involnerable) or sustain physical damage. A prime example of immortals are vampires, KK's farts, and KK Macleod.
In the end, there can be only one!
by James Bourne January 18, 2004
Computer slang term for a spontanious computer program glitch that results in the computer user showing uncontrolled agression towards the source of said glitch. This phenomina is most often experianced during the enjoyment of recreiational programs, such as video games.
"Fucking Blizzard games are full of so many Bastard Twats that I put my fist trhough the screen!"
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
The proper term used to discribe when kk and doom give people the Middle Finger.
When the judge asked the reason why KK flicked off the traffic cop, KK stated that he was only expressing himself.
by James Bourne September 10, 2003

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