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Lush and or dense pubic vegitation swamping the realms betwixt the buttocks.
(short for junglish bunghole)
Chuck Norris' junghole is so thick he needs a machete to make way for the import and export of steamy logs.
by jakernaut April 21, 2006
Members of the hand that should always be vanquished by hoards of soap after a night of soaking in something douche-forgotten, shower-deprived and rotten.
that bitterfinger smells like dead electric eels and tastes nothing like a butterfinger.
by jakernaut November 22, 2006
anal insertion facilitated by a carbonated beverage/lubricant.
Tommy enjoys the warm bubbly feeling of some refreshing cockacolon.

(can also be used as a verb)

he said he didnt like soda, but after i cocked his colon he cant get enough cockacolon
by jakernaut November 22, 2006
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